August 2023
Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s leading destinations for ‘Ethical Business and Manufacturing Practices’ in the Global Fashion and Apparel Sourcing Business.
It’s a strategic sourcing destination in the sub-continent for multiple global designer brands and retailers.
Sri Lanka’s position as a central meeting point makes it the optimum place to do business with the huge South Asian market while also providing access to the UK and European markets.
It is located at the nerve centre for world shipping traffic from east to west and acts as nodal point for worldwide shipping, thus creating stronger regional and global connects.
The country aims to cross the USD 8 billion apparel export mark by 2022 which would create new opportunities and demand for sourcing textiles into the country from South Asia and other markets.
The growing domestic and home grown apparel brands industry is valued at USD 1 billion and is expected to double by 2022, which would also generate opportunities for smart and innovative textiles to be sourced from South Asia and other Asian markets to meet demand.